Mobius TPD

Traditional approaches to professional development (PD) often fall short when applied to technology in the classroom. One-time workshops for a limited number of staff and train-the-trainer programs often fail to empower educators with the tools and confidence they need to integrate the use of technology in their classroom and to include web-based learning resources in their lesson plans.

Mobius TPD meets the evolving PD needs of educators and administrators by delivering Professional Development as a Service (PDaaS).

Mobius TPD provides on-going training, education, and support for educators throughout the school year. With a program designed to meet specific goals and objectives, PD content and delivery is fine-tuned to teachers’ needs. By responding to what is happening in the classrooms and to what teachers are hoping to do next, Mobius TPD delivers PD that is timely and relevant.  On-going support from peers and experts empowers educators with the ability to implement their ideas.

Mobious TPD has several components we can mix, match, and scale to meet your PD needs and your budget.


Professional Development Units

Delivered as on-site workshops or live web seminars, professional development units (PDUs) are the foundation of Mobius TPD. PDUs help faculty and staff understand and use technology and resources effectively and efficiently.  With development tracks geared towards administrators, educators, and teacher-student engagement, workshops and courses focus on giving attendees the skills and confidence to be successful in the classroom and in the office.  More than features and clicks, our courses emphasize practical and proven applications.

On-Site Workshops provide day-long sessions with six hours of workshop time.  Best suited for groups of up to 3o participants, on-site workshops offer an interactive experience. As attendance is limited, on-site workshops are often used for Google Guides and other “tech leaders”.

Live Web  Seminars run as a series of four (4) interactive sessions.  Suited for groups of up to 100 participants, attendees can participate from a facilitated classroom or conference room, or from their own computer. Sessions may be scheduled at times most convenient for attendees and include ample time for Q&A and demonstrations. As sessions are recorded, they are easily made available to all faculty and staff. Free from the limitations of on-site workshops, live web seminars make our PD accessible to the full faculty and staff.

Google Guides

With all of the demands on teachers, train the trainer programs tend to fall short of their objectives. Google Guides are not “train the trainers”; they are end users with advanced training who serve as peer resources throughout your school or district. For schools just moving to Google Apps or deploying additional services, Google Guides help promote changes and provide peer support during deployment. On an on-going basis, Google Guides lead by example and provide a peer resource for support and assistance. More than an extension of the support provided by your IT and Tech Ed teams, Google Guides help peers adapt and incorporate the evolving ecosystem into lesson plans and classroom instruction.  They help identify creative methods and best practices, and work with peers to deploy these system-wide. We provide Google Guides with the training and tools they need to succeed.  In addition to a customized mix of workshops and live web-based training, Google Guides have access to self-paced learning tools and our support services, without limits, for the year.

Professional Support

Drive for Education comes with free support from Google, which focuses on whether or not the user understands the right clicks. Our professional support focuses on the “how to”, “can I”, and “I want to” type of calls that enables faculty and staff to successfully use the technologies every day. We give your faculty and staff unlimited access to our support team through your Google Guides, IT, and Tech Ed teams. Your IT, Tech Ed, or Google Guide teams can refer any faculty or staff member to us for support. We are happy to respond as needed, and to schedule support calls — even after hours. Our support catalogue includes additional, creative solutions, designed to meet specific support and budget needs.

  • Prepaid Support Hours provide schools with an affordable way to ensure we are there to help, without making a year-long commitment. Prepaid Support Hours offer savings over our discounted educational fees for a la carte support hours.
  • Web Office Hours provide a live, interactive support session that allows faculty and staff to join and receive assistance on a first-come, first serve basis.  Web Office Hours are great way to address user questions and concerns, particularly after deployment or the addition of new technologies and services.


Self-Paced Learning Tools

Our self-paced learning tools provide video-based and interactive training that allows individuals to cover topics of interest at their own pace and timing. Powered by Boost eLearning and Synergyse, our solutions are not a collection of “how to” videos.  Courses have clear learning objectives, syllabi, and measures, and are broken down into short, topical and action-specific segments.  Accessible from within Google Apps, users can complete entire courses or just those modules they need.  Administrators can track usage and progress, and can add custom content to courses. As important, courseware is updated in sync with major updates from Google.  As such, training videos, sessions, and support tools remain current throughout the year. To match budget with needs and priorities, our self-paced learning tools may be purchased for individuals, specific groups, or an entire faculty and staff.  For less than 85 cents per month, schools can provide educators and administrators an great tool for initial training and ongoing, self-help, guidance, and support.