Chrome Management Training

The Chrome Management Console is a powerful tool for managing the use of Chrome devices within schools and districts. Matching the intended use of Chrome devices, by group, with the settings is key to ensuring a secure, effective working environment for students and faculty. Our Chrome Management Training provides Google Apps for Education administrators with the basic working knowledge and skills needed to manage the deployment and support of Chrome devices in classroom, lab, library, loaner, and 1:1 programs.

Hands-On Training

Delivered via interactive web sessions, administrators benefit from a real-time view and hands-on access to the wide range of Chrome management settings and options. Our instructors methodically walk your administrators through the settings and best-practices in your domain, helping you configure settings along the way.


Cumulus Global’s training curriculum covers all aspects of Chrome device management, including:

  • Network settings
  • Hardware settings, including the use of external storage (USB drives)
  • Security settings, including
    • Passwords
    • Use of incognito mode
    • Safe browsing
  • Content controls, including
    • Cookies
    • Images
    • Javascript
    • Plugins
    • Pop-ups
    • URL blocking
    • Drive sync
  • Print services

User Experience Settings

The training  program reviews and discusses the full range of user experience settings, from bookmarks and spell check to translate and searching.

Apps and Extensions

An in-depth look at settings for Apps and Extensions helps schools manage the use of resources available for Chrome devices and from the Chrome Web Store for education. These features let schools and districts allow/deny and bulk load both free and paid applications to their Google Apps and Chrome device ecosystem, expanding the educational resources available to students and faculty.