Boost eLearning

Boost eLearning  provides enterprise quality employee training and performance support that effectively develops the skills to use the full functionality of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Groups, and a course specific for Admin Assistants and Power Users.


Boost eLearning provides training for the end-user and administrative assistants.  The training follows a consistent instructional design, with call outs and professional voice actors.  Accessed from within the Google Apps user interface under single sign-on, the training can be used both as initial training and as performance support.  Each training course includes lessons, skills, job-aids for performance support, and a glossary.

Current courses include:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Sites
  • Groups
  • Admin Assistant / Power Users


The Boost eLearning platform follows a skill-based architecture and is 508c / ADA compliant.  Users can search for content and links to specific skills.

Administrators can view utilization and performance reports and can upload and host custom video content.


Boost eLearning updates the training content in-step with Google Apps for Education releases.  As such, the training is always “Version Now”.