Mobius TPD: Technical Professional Development as a Service

March 19, 2015, 3:00 PM ET

Traditional approaches to professional development (PD) often fall short when applied to technology in the classroom. One-time workshops for a limited number of staff and train-the-trainer programs often fail to empower educators with the tools and confidence they need to integrate the use of technology in their classroom and to include web-based learning resources in their lesson plans.

In March’s K-12 Webcast: Mobius TPD: Technical Professional Development as a Service on Thursday, March 19, 2015, we move beyond the traditional and explore ongoing training, education, and support for educators through Mobius TPD.

Mobius TPD meets the evolving PD needs of educators and administrators by delivering Professional Development as a service (PDaaS) with several components you can  mix, match, and scale to meet your PD needs and budget. They include:

  • Professional Development Units delivered via web and/or on-site
  • Google Guides as peer leaders and resources
  • Professional Support to ensure educators are comfortable and confident
  • Self-Paced Learning Tools for on-demand knowledge

With a program designed to meet specific goals and objectives, PD content and delivery is fine-tuned to teachers’ needs. By responding to what is happening in the classrooms and to what teachers are hoping to do next, Mobius TPD delivers PD that is timely and relevant.  On-going support from peers and experts empowers educators with the ability to implement their ideas.

As always, we will have plenty of time for Q&A.

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