K-12 Webcast: 6 Critical Policies for Schools Using Google Docs and Drive

June 19, 3:00 PM ET

With great opportunity comes great responsibility.  As the role of technology increases in our schools, so does the potential for misuse and abuse.  Schools need to consider how laws, regulations, internal policies, and student behaviors impact compliance as well as student wellness and safety.

The same features in Google Apps that enable students and teachers to collaborate and learn in new ways, provides a means to circumvent existing communication channels and controls.

Please join Cumulus Global for our next K-12 Webcast, “Six Critical Policies for Schools Using Google Docs and Drive” on June 19th at 3:00 PM ET.  In this interactive webcast, we discuss six policies that should be place to ensure regulatory and legal compliance, the ability to manage internal policies, and a means for identifying to student wellness and safety issues.

Joined by Brenton Newell from CloudLock, we discuss and demonstrate how to manage, monitor, and enforce the policies without restricting the educational process and without undue administrative burden.