K-12 Webcast: SIS & LMS Solutions for Independent & Smaller Public Schools

September 13, 2016 @ 3:00 PM ET

Classroom computing is most successful when backed by the right learning and data infrastructure.  Student Information Systems (SIS’s) and Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) can foster adoption and use of classroom technologies, streamline lesson planning, enhance student and parent engagement, and dramatically reduce administrative work for teachers and staff.

The challenges for most smaller schools — public and independent — are complexity and cost. Most SIS and LMS solutions are designed for mid-size and larger districts and schools. They include features that independent schools and smaller public schools do not need, along with a price tag to match.
In this month’s K-12 Webcast, SIS & LMS for Independent & Smaller Public Schools, we take a look at solutions specifically designed for your needs. Joining us will be Gary Falcon, Founder and CEO of Twine and President of Aptiris. Active in educational computing for nearly 20 years, Gary brings a broad range of expertise in classroom and administrative computing, along with specific solutions to demo.

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