K-12 Webcast: Email Archiving Primer

April 3, 2014 at 3:30 PM ET

As schools and districts deploy Google Apps and other web-based learning resources in the classroom, the role of email continues to grow as a critical communication tool within the classroom and with parents.  In addition, email is often the notification method for applications and services.

At the same time, extending email services to students required some degree of caution.  Students know that email can be used to communicate — appropriately or not.  Parents often expect emails to be part of their child’s record.

In this K-12 Webcast, we provide an Email Archiving Primer with Google.  Starting with a look at policy and regulation considerations, the session will cover key reasons for archiving email and chat messages.  Chris Caldwell, COO and Vault guru discusses how Vault works and will demo some of its more important features.  Sophia Waldie from Google in Education is on hand with additional remarks.