K-12 Webcast: Chrome Outside the Classroom

K-12 Webcast: Chrome Outside the Classroom

June 18, 2015, 3:00 PM ET

In under 3 years, Chrome devices have captured over 60% of the K-12 classroom computing market in the US.  Affordable to purchase, and even more affordable to manage and own, Chrome devices provide teachers and students with reliable, easy to use, and cost effective tools to facilitate online learning. Outside the classroom, Chrome can play a significant role in your school as well.

As more systems — from SIS and LMS to HR and Facilities Management move into the cloud and web-based access, the need for traditional servers and networks is evaporating. And with faculty and staff regularly relying on Docs and Drive, the presumed dependency on Microsoft Office is fading fast.

In this June’s K-12 Webcast, Chrome Outside the Classroom, we look at the value proposition of Chrome for Education as it applies to K-12 schools outside the classroom. In particular, we will look at how schools can replace aging desktops and laptops without losing access to existing applications, chrome’s role in communications and meetings, and digital signage solutions. Our intent is to help foresee and plan a transition when the timing is right for your district.

And, as always, we will leave plenty of time for Q&A.

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