K-12 Webcast: The Case for Directory-as-a-Service

October 20, 2016 @ 3:00 PM ET

More than most other types of organizations, schools are adopting and moving into cloud computing. From communication, collaboration, classroom computing to learning management and student information systems, K-12 is quickly becoming cloud-centric. And yet, many schools remain chained to on-premise Active Directory and LDAP servers. In large part, this dependency relates to needed control over local devices, firewall access, and other on-premise services.

In this month’s K12 Webcast, The Case for Directory as a Service, we looked at the identity and directory challenges facing schools as they move into the cloud or expand their cloud services. We discussed the limitations of SSO solutions and the impact of keeping on-premise Active Directory or LDAP servers. Joined by the JumpCloud team, we explored and demonstrated how Directory as a Service can free you from AD and LDAP services while providing improved security, device control, user and group management, single sign-on, and a better user experience. Thank you for joining us and learning how your cloud management can be more cohesive and effective.

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