Including BYOD in Your 1:1 Program

March 23, 2017 @ 3:00 PM ET

Sustainability will remain an ongoing challenge for schools and districts managing 1:1 programs. Having a BYOD component, particularly with upper grades, can reduce 1:1 program costs while helping student prepare for life beyond high school. BYOD programs help students select the best device for their needs and fosters personal responsibility

Can you afford BYOD in your 1:1 program?

In March’s K-12 Webcast, Including BYOD in your 1:1 Program, we looked at how districts have successfully rolled out BYOD 1:1 programs at the high school level.  In doing so, we discussed system requirements, costs to families, and support. We demonstrated how you can keep devices affordable for families while facilitating purchases of preferred devices.

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