Cloud Forward for K-12

December 15, 2016 @ 3:00 PM ET

The transformation in K-12 classroom computing over the past few years is nothing short of astounding. And, the pace of innovation shows now sign of slowing in the near future. Collaboration, creating, making, cross-disciplinary modules, differentiated and personalized learning, and subject matter in multiple medias are some of the changes becoming the new normal.

And yet, when we step into the administrative offices of most K-12 schools and districts, we still see business and usual. We do not yet see administration, operational, and support staff taking advantage of the same tools that are fostering collaboration and innovation in the classroom.

In December’s K-12 Webcast, Cloud Forward for K-12, we took a forward look at K-12 computing outside the classroom. We looked at the needs of, and opportunities, for administration, facilities, finance, HR, health, and other operational areas of your school and district.  We also explored the challenges and opportunities around increased demand for data collection and reports. The session included several “quick hits” schools can deploy to save time, money, and effort.

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