K-12 Webcast: Protecting Data Beyond Vault

Protecting Data beyond Vault

April 21, 2016 @ 3:00 PM ET

When Google revamped the Google for Education program last year, schools benefited with the addition of Vault and unlimited storage for free. While Vault helps schools with compliance issues, it falls short of protecting data from damage or loss. And with 1:1 initiatives and BYOD programs ramping up, your Google for Education domain is facing increasing risks from infected devices, attached 3rd party apps, and increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.

In this month’s K-12 Webcast, Protecting Data beyond Vault, we take a look at the current and trending threats and solutions that will protect your data, students’ and faculty’s privacy, and save you time and effort.  We will also be joined by experts from Datto|Backupify, who will demonstrate how a comprehensive backup/recovery system functions as part of a system of protections.
Please join us.

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