Accessories and Services

Integrating Chromebooks and other devices into your school environment often involves more than purchasing and rolling out the devices.


Cumulus Global can help you with a robust deployment, by offering premium accessories and services, including:

  • Carrying cases and sleeves
  • Headsets
  • Extra power adapters
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Cameras, microphones, speakers
  • Video cables and adapters

Device Security

Cumulus Global works with leading distributors and vendors to offer affordable device security solutions.

  • Lock-down cables
  • Asset / inventory tags
  • Etching services

White Glove Services

Chromebooks arrive ready for use, but not as a part of your Google Apps ecosystem. Schools must activate Chrome devices to connect them to the Chrome Management Console and, in many cases, schools want to lock down network settings and track MAC addresses.

Cumulus Global offers “white glove” services, through which we pre-register and configure your Chrome devices, before they ship from the warehouse. ┬áIn doing so, your Chrome devices arrive ready to “power on and go”. In addition to registration and initial network configuration, white glove services can include asset tagging, etching, MAC address logging, and full configuration via your Chrome Management Console.