Why Choose Chromebooks?

Chromebooks come with leading Google products built-in, like Search, Gmail, and Docs, so students and teachers can learn, create, and collaborate right away. Administrators can also remotely setup different user groups and access and personalize with specific educational apps from the Chrome Web store.

Google Apps Built-In

Create and share documents with Google Apps for Education (optional), explore another city or country on Google Maps, or watch a video on trigonometry on YouTube EDU, and more, with built-in apps.

Works with Other Devices

Chromebooks sync seamlessly with other devices running Chrome – like an Android phone, tablet, etc. so students and teachers can access their files, bookmarks, apps, and other settings everywhere.

Apps for the Classroom

The Chrome Web Store offers thousands of free and paid educational apps, tools, and extensions to help students and teachers make the most of their Chromebook.

Works Offline

Chromebooks offer offline apps, like Google Docs and Offline Gmail, which means students and teachers can stay productive even when they are disconnected from the web.

Perfect for sharing

Students can share a single Chromebook, yet have a personal experience just by signing in.

Multiple logins allow you to share your Chromebook easily and securely with classmates, friends and family. Everyone gets their own personalized apps, settings, and bookmarks when they log-in.

Guest Mode allows others to use a Chromebook without a user account. Guests cannot access any data stored on the Chromebook, and all of their browsing history will be deleted when they finish their session.