A powerful, user-friendly cloud management tool for Google Apps administrators to control and secure Google Apps domains, delegate granular privileges, and automate common management tasks.


FlashPanel makes it easier than ever to manage users, Google Groups, org. units and the corporate directory. Tools like Shared Contacts and the Deprovisioning Workflow help you get the job done, quickly and securely.


Google Apps puts a lot of power in the hands of end-users, while giving admins very few tools to oversee and lockdown activity in services like Gmail and Google Drive. FlashPanel’s tools give you the control and visibility you need.


Whether you’re just moving to Google Apps or an experienced veteran, you can uncover a lot of information with FlashPanel’s reporting tools. See how many Google Drive files are shared publicly, or if any users are forwarding to their Gmail account.


FlashPanel gives you a number of tools to “set it and forget it”. Whether you need to enforce email signatures, password policies, or even Google Drive sharing policies, FlashPanel takes your rules and does the work for you.

Download the Data Sheet (PDF)