1:1 Program Consulting

Successful 1:1 programs require more than just picking the right devices. How devices will be used, how teachers will leverage the capabilities, and how the program will be managed all play into the success or failure of 1:1 programs.

Cumulus Global understands the factors that can make or break a 1:1 program investment. Through our 1:1 Program Consulting services, we help schools and districts understand, assess, and plan for key factors.

Mission and Goals

  • Mission
  • Prioritized Outcomes


  • School-owned equipment, BYOD, or hybrid
  • Own or leased by the school and/or families
  • Fee or free to students and families
  • Financing
  • Life cycle management

Policies and Procedures

  • Appropriate use and care
  • Distribution / tracking
  • Service, repair, and replacement
  • Off-campus use and responsibilities


  • Faculty
    • Minimum proficiency
    • Use as a learning tool / resource
    • Integration with curricula
  • Students
    • Access to resources
    • Content creation vs consumption
    • Integrated skills
  • Administrators
    • Monitoring and management
    • Curriculum Integration

1:1 Program Support

  • Off-campus access to high-speed Internet service
  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • Service desk support
  • Community support