Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is an integrated suite of services that improve how schools communicate and collaborate. Users have better access to information and can work together more easily and productively.

Gmail. With a 30 GB per user inbox, labels, and search, users do more than send and receive; they organize, find, and use information.

Calendar. Personal, resource, and shared calendars help users and teams manage time and resources.

Talk. Secure Instant Messaging with transcripts along with free VoIP voice and video conferencing improves communications.

Groups. Threaded discussions, distribution lists, and subscriptions help teams work together more effectively.

Docs. Online office productivity with real time collaboration, file storage and sharing, and desktop suite integration enable more efficient document preparation and information sharing.

Sites. Web sites built via wizards and templates allow businesses to easily create secure information repositories, project team sites, and customer portals.

Video. Private, secure YouTube for internal business videos lets you share recorded meetings, training, and other video resources.

Mobile. Synchronizes Email, Calendar, and Contacts to blackberries, iPhones, Droids, and nearly 95% of all smart phones sold today.

Email Security. Integrated email security provides the best spam and virus protection available.

Download the Data Sheet (PDF)