G Suite Ecosystem

G Suite is more than Gmail, Docs, and Drive. With third-party integrated applications and services, G Suite (formerly Google Apps) provides an integrated platform for running your business or school.


While the G Suite Admin Console provides basic control over the G Suite environment, Cumulus Global deploys third party tools that provide more control, task automation, bulk changes, and enhanced reporting.

Data Protection and Loss Prevention

Google’s infrastructure protects your data from loss due to system failure. Cumulus Global offers additional protection from user actions and malware. We deploy tools to monitor and manage permissions, preventing data leaks and accidental disclosure.


Cumulus Global can help ensure your maintain compliance with internal policies, as well as HIPAA, PCI, SEC, FINRA, and other regulations. Our integrated email security services include archiving, e- discovery, and encryption. We offer policy-based management of Google Docs permissions along with comprehensive web filtering and monitoring services.

Managed File Services

Cumulus Global creates and provisions managed file services that integrate your legacy Windows and Mac applications with Drive and other cloud storage services.

Managed Print Services

Moving to G Suite and the cloud also means a move to Cloud Print. Cumulus Global can assess your current printing capabilities and map out the best solution. In many cases, we can lower on-going costs by upgrading to more efficient, cloud-ready printers.

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