Data Loss Prevention

Sometimes, the biggest threat to your information and your business is from the inside. Whether accidental or intentional, mishandled permissions, unsafe web surfing, and laptop theft all pose serious risks. Cumulus Global has cloud-based solutions tools to keep your data safe.

Web Filtering and Monitoring

Blocking inappropriate web surfing is critical not only to ensure data security, but also to ensure that your employees are productive. InterGuard Web Filtering helps you determine whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.

Data Loss Prevention

Regardless of where your employees and critical information reside, Interguard DLP scans every file on every PC, uncovering confidential Data At Rest and preventing confidential Data In Motion from leaking out.

Laptop Recovery

InterGuard Laptop Recovery lets you make the contents of a lost or stolen laptop accessible to the laptop owner, but not to the thief. You can remotely identify, track, and control who accesses data, what data is accessed, and what can and cannot be done with that data. You can also permanently disable the laptop.

Download the Data Sheet (PDF)