CloudLock for Google Apps

CloudLock Security for Google Apps is a collection of security tools that help organizations meet their business, policy, and regulatory requirements for information protection.  The same Google Apps features that make collaboration so easy and so powerful, make it possible to share information that should be private.  CloudLock gives you the tools to set policy, monitor compliance, and remediate when needed.

The suite of tools may be purchased separately, or in bundles for additional savings.  CloudLock DLP includes Collaboration Security and Selective Encryption.  CloudLock Security Suite includes all four tools.

Collaboration Security

CloudLock Collaboration Security protects sensitive data stored in Google Drive and Sites by providing enterprise-class DLP, auditing, compliance, and selective encryption. Hundreds of organizations and millions of users are using Collaboration Security to reduce risk, increase collaboration and productivity, and lower their costs.

Key features of Collaboration Security include:

  • Discovery of IEP, Student Records, PII, PCI, PHI, and other regulated data for compliance and data loss prevention
  • Classification of data natively in Google Drive
  • Secure sensitive date in Google Drive
  • Enforce sharing policies on Drive and Sites with rules-based notifications and actions
  • Remediate based on CloudLock’s risk-appropriate rules and actions

Encryption Security

CloudLock Selective Encryption is an add-on to Collaboration Security that allows user to fully encrypt files on Google Drive. Enhancing privacy without disrupting the inherent security and collaboration features of Google Apps, Selective Encryption will:

  • Notify users of sensitive data in Google Drive
  • Easily protect files with password-based AES-256 encryption
  • Secure data without breaking real-time collaboration and sharing

Google+ Security

CloudLock Google+ Security gives organizations a means to manage Google+ Compliance and Auditing. The service lets organizations:

  • Enforce privacy and compliance policies within Google+
  • Audit user posts for custom keywords and regular expressions
  • Configure people-centric remediation for Google+ activity

Apps Firewall

Apps Firewall gives organizations the peace of mind that employees can use the apps they want securely, while establishing safeguards around apps that access accounts and data. Organizations use Apps Firewall to reduce risk, improve end-user productivity, and securely increase adoption of Google Apps.

Key features of Apps Firewall include:

  • Discover all third party applications with permissions to your organization’s data
  • Classify — Whitelist and Blacklist — all third party apps in use across the Google Apps domain, including mobile, Google Apps Marketplace, and end-user Chrome store apps
  • Manage third party applications by blocking and allowing known apps
  • Automated Compliance for the automated revocation of insecure apps
  • Community Trust Rating for scalable policy creation and crowd-sourced risk insight