Don’t backup to protect your data; backup your data to protect your business. Whether in-house or in the cloud, the ability to access data, run systems, and return to operations is the ability to survive the unexpected.


While Google’s redundant infrastructure protects your data from loss due to system failure, you still need to protect your information from user mistakes and rogue or compromised applications. Backupify brings enterprise data protection services to your complete Google Apps environment.

RestartIT by Venyu

For most companies, not all of your informations and systems move to the cloud, at least not immediately. Partnering with Venyu, Cumulus Global offers a comprehensive suite of Backup/Recovery and Virtual DR options.

Secured with military-grade encryption, we offer Asigra and eVault technology solutions to best fit your backup/recovery requirements. Our unique Mobile Vault service delivers on-site restores that run 10 times faster than the USB drives most services deliver.

Virtual DR services offer Return-to-Operation (RTO) times as fast as six hours, supporting client-to- LAN and LAN-to-LAN access.

MozyPRO / Mozy Enterprise

Not all laptop-resident data makes it to a central file server for storage and backup in a timely manner. Partnering with Mozy by EMC, Cumulus Global offers MozyPRO as an enterprise backup/recovery solution for laptops and desktops. With low license and per-GB fees, MozyPRO is an affordable way to ensure data does not fall into the gap.

For organizations that want to manage their own laptop backups, Mozy Enterprise offers the same protection with unlimited storage for a low monthly, per-device fee. Both MozyPRO and Mozy Enterprise services offer file sync services and shuttle drives for larger restores.

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