FETC 2016

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Join Cumulus Global’s K-12 Team Jan. 13th-15th at FETC 2016 in Orlando, FL


Win A Chromebook

FETC 2016 registrants and attendees are eligible to win their choice of Chrome device with a retail value up to $325. You have multiple ways to win by simply completing a Technology PD Program Survey:

  1. Complete the quick survey in Booth #453
  2. Stop by Booth #453: Request, Complete, and Return the Survey
  3. Complete the Survey online


Get a free Technology PD Program Assessment

By completing the Technology PD Program Survey, in Booth #453 or online, you will receive a free Technology PD Program Assessment.


Attend Seminars in our Booth or on the Web

Visit Booth #453 for our in-booth seminars or, if you cannot make it to Orlando, attend the live web simulcast.

Use MS Office with Google Apps

Google Apps is not just for classrooms! The same collaboration features that enhance student-teacher and student-student engagement can help your administrative offices run more efficiently. This session focuses on the ways you can use MS Office and other legacy apps with Google Apps for greater productivity.

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Thursday Jan 14th at 10:10 am
Friday Jan 15th at 2:10 pm

Assess Your Technology PD Effectiveness
Thu 1/15 at 11:10 pm  #  Thu 1/15 at 4:10 pm  #  Fri 1/16 at 1:10 pm

Technology Professional Development is challenging and the traditional “1-day workshop” approach often falls short of goals. In this session we help you assess the effectiveness of your Technology PD program and discuss low-cost and creative techniques for a more impactful staff learning experience.

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Thursday Jan 14th at 11:10 am
Thursday Jan 14th at 4:10 pm
Friday Jan 15th at 1:10 pm

Use a 1:1 Store to Enhance Programs and Raise Money

Schools struggle with the cost of 1:1 technology programs and the appropriate balance between school and family responsibilities. This discusses the role of a 1:1 Store as a means to facilitate family participation, reduce operating costs, and raise additional funds.

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Thursday Jan 14th at 12:10 pm
Thursday Jan 14th at 3:10 pm
Friday Jan 15th at 11:10 am

5 Keys to 1:1 Program Success

Devices are cool, but 1:1 program success depends on how well technology integrates into the learning process. In this session we discuss five critical factors for 1:1 program success, regardless of the devices you choose.

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Thursday Jan 14th at 1:10 pm
Friday Jan 15th at 10:10 am

Save Time & Miles: Chrome for Meetings

How often are teachers, staff, and administrators moving between buildings for meetings? As collaboration becomes more prevalent across your district, managing meetings becomes more critical. This session focuses on how school districts are using Chrome for Meetings to save time, effort, and money.

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Thursday Jan 14th at 2:10 pm
Friday Jan 15th at 12:10 pm